Outline of IIC


・Focusing on the vitalization of the Miura Peninsula
・Developing the future in corporation with regional industries
・Nonprofit Organization Institute of Industrial Cluster

Volunteers from top executives in small and medium-sized enterprises and senior retired from public administrations/universities/enterprises gather and do non-governmental operation of Industrial Cluster. It is expected to lead to more active lives of seniors and their further contribution to communities.
Another purpose is by taking advantage of their accumulated knowledge to help local industries and communities get vitalized through activities such as:

  1. Researching ways of vitalizing local small and medium-sized enterprises.
  2. Giving their on-going businesses some support and/or assistance of public administrations, universities, other enterprises, financial sectors, etc.
  3. Promoting activities for public interest in the region to realize the “New Public Commons” under the revised NPO Law.

( from Article 3 in the article of association)

  1. Activities stipulated in the articles of association under the NPO Law
    1. Revitalizing economic activities.
    2. Enhancing town community activities.
    3. Contributing to international cooperation.
    4. Developing information-oriented society.
    5. Giving information, advice and support on operation or activity to the groups which are listed in the appendix of the NPO Law.
    6. Others being listed in the 20 kinds of fields stipulated in the NPO Law and matching to our activity purpose.
      (From Article 4 of the articles of association)
  2. Current main operations
    1. Those helping small- and medium-businesses with their management improvement, technical innovation, etc.
      1. Supporting in ISO accreditation.
      2. Supporting in patent acquisition/investigation.
      3. Supporting in U.S. military base bidding and international trading.
      4. Supporting in technical document translation.
      5. Supporting in creation and maintenance of website.
      6. Supporting in other operations.
    2. Coordinating Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration and working in collaboration with local administrative agencies, etc.
    3. Others helping businesses achieve their goal.
      1. Executive forum, workshop and others.