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 The alumnus of various companies and government offices perform consulting and supporting for the following problem by making use of their experience of abundant technical knowledge, a technology and managenent.We form a team depending on a theme for supporting it.

◆Sustainable Management System Support Department

  1. Patent and utility design acquisition support.
  2. Website creation and updating.
  3. Creation of brochures and various printed materials.
  4. Diagnosing business, picking out problems and supporting business improvement.
  5. Technical support for improvement of IT environment including PC operation and IoT environment.
  6. Support for creating administrative subsidy application document.

  1. ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation acquisition and registration.
  2. Various management system examination support.
    (CSR, PISM,etc.).
  3. Employee education about essence of ISO and successor education.
  4. Environmental education (Eco-education) for school children/junior high school students.
  5. Others group, NPO support (third party evaluations).

◆International Business Support Department

  1. Participation in an electronic bid of the US Navy Acquisition Operation.
    1. Translation (Japanese⇔English).
    2. Interpretation (Japanese⇔English).
    3. Consulting service.
  2. Technical document translation (Japanese⇔English).
  3. Overseas business consulting, etc.

Note : (Support is available any time, any day.)

Grape Cluster
  Grape Cluster

◆Support on New Public Commons Department

  1. Implementing businesses for the community which are entrusted by local governments.
  2. Planning and promotion of new collaborative projects.
  3. Introduction and mediation of new technology development and new business creation.
  4. Support civic public service activities, regional disaster prevention, and community development through seminars, lectures, and study groups.

★Contact with universities and public research institutions to help solve problems.