New Year’s Greeting

President Greetings  

New Year’s Greeting

   Happy New Year !

Yojiro Tomino, President
Yojiro Tomino, President

  The Corona pandemic, which lasted for nearly two years, continues to be still in uncertain situation globally.

 Our activities have been greatly restricted during this period, but last year we resumed our general meetings and board meetings in a face-to-face under certain preventative measures, and we are continuing our activities by devising ways to conduct meetings of each department and support activities using Zoom.

 As for external activities, we held a “Monozukuri Class” in November with the cooperation of the Kannonzaki Museum of Nature, where children could experience the fun of making things while getting familiar with nature. We held the extra class during the same month upon request.

Mt. Togakushi shining in the new spring sunshine
Mt. Togakushi shining in the new spring sunshine (Prints by Kato)

 In the International Business Support Department, we conducted a new activity to support the implementing organization by translating into English the materials for the qualification examinations required of trainees from overseas and providing lectures, in addition to the usual support for translating contract documents relating to the U.S. Navy.

 The year before last, we were unable to conduct a tour of characteristic technology and research bases. With the cancellation of the state of emergency, we held a “tour of the shield construction method at the tunnel excavation site” in November, and many corporations, individuals, and outside organizations participated in the tour, which was a great success. Thanks to the efforts of the chairperson of the New Public Commons Department.

 In the Sustainable Management System Support Department, we have been commissioned by the City of Yokohama to evaluate two facilities as a third-party evaluation organization.

 As the organization acting in Miura area , we became a member of the Miura Chamber of Commerce and Industry last year. We will continue to expand the scope of our activities by deepening cooperation with local companies.

Zodiac Tiger
Zodiac Tiger

 The pandemic caused by COVID-19, which we are experiencing for the first time in human history, poses many challenges to us. I believe that the SDGs and COP26, which are now being proposed, are attempts to seriously explore sustainability in a wide range of fields as a common issue for all humanity, overcoming differences in race, country, political system, and culture.
 When we look at the Earth from space, we are reminded that we are living and being lived under a thin layer of blue air on the surface of the Earth.
 The underlying philosophy that encompasses the SDGs is truly the global environment, and we should be strongly aware of this philosophy as we carry out our various activities this year.
 For starters, we would like to take up SDGs-related topics for our lectures at the joint seminar with Kanagawa Prefecture, which is planned to hold in February, if the infection status allows.

 Last year, thanks to your support, we celebrated 10 years as a certified NPO. As a certified NPO, we will continue to focus on public support activities and work diligently so that we can receive donations, and we would appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement.

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