Thinking of the new sprouts behind the Ox

President Greetings  

Thinking of the new sprouts behind the Ox

Takeshi Kinoshita President
Takeshi Kinoshita President

   Happy New Year!

   This year, we celebrated the second zodiac sign, that is, the Year of the Ox.
   Last year, we were hit with an unprecedented outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, for which a state of emergency was declared and we were forced to refrain from all activities. The much-anticipated Olympic Games have been postponed and the economy is in a slump, as you know.

Print: Early Spring (created by Mr. MK)
Print: Early Spring
(created by Mr. MK)

   Naturally, the corona virus pandemic also affected our institute. Supporting activities have been curtailed, meetings have come to a standstill, and the financial outlook is grim.
   I am grateful that our International Business Support Department activities, most of which can be performed remotely, are progressing smoothly in such a difficult environment. In addition, the annual and an extra-general meeting and board of directors’ meetings were held without delay, through electronic media. Following the one held in the last spring, the Genki Fund project was implemented another event with the cooperation of the Kannonzaki Nature Museum in November. The “Monozukuri Classroom”, where children enjoyed to learn the nature of Yokosuka while taking measures against infection, was held with great success.

   In addition, there was an exchange of opinions in the institute about the future of our activities, such as visual communication through the Web, IT support and IoT support.

   The corona virus pandemic in addition to the aging has made it difficult for us of older generation to move around. There is concern that volunteer activities in the world as a whole will stagnate due to more people staying at home or refraining from such group activities. In such a situation, for an individual and a volunteer organization how to keep connecting with society is a major issue. In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, our institute also reaffirmed the significance of volunteer activities and felt strongly to proceed to our own sustainable development goals, as a result of the exchange between our members through online meetings as well as the proposal to disseminate our activities through notifications of website updates and e-mail magazines.

   On the other hand, there are pundits who believe that innovation in industrial structure will emerge due to the corona virus pandemic, and secondly, as the country’s economic growth strategy, the government has announced support for environmental measures (2 trillion yen funded for de-carbonization), and 1 trillion yen for digitalization. I believe that we need to accurately monitor these two trends and hone in on these new support issues. We will appreciate it if you will send us your suggestions.

The Year of Ox
The Year of Ox

   The zodiac sign of the Ox is the Kanji for “cord” (The kanji is pronounced “chu” and means “string” or “twine” or “entanglement.”) according to the Treatise on Rhythm and the Calendar in the “Han Shu”. It represents the state in which a sprout arises in a seed and cannot yet grow, and it is also thought to be the hieroglyphics that bends its fingers into a crochet pattern to twist and weave a string.

   It seems that this year we will have no choice but to continue oxen’s walking in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. I see the Ox as a time of patience and self-restraint that will give birth to something new, and I would like to seek and nurture new sprouts in our NPO activities.

   Finally, I pray for your continued good luck and good health. We also appreciate your continued support and encouragement for our institute.

Even if it is as slow as the steps of an ox,
if going on without slacking off,
you will see the end of a thousand miles. 
(“Buke Hyakunin Isshu “)

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