“Reiwa” New Era Greetings

Celebrating our 16th Anniversary of Foundation  

“Reiwa” New Era Greetings

the year of rat
the year of rat

Happy new year.

Takeshi Kinoshita,President
Takeshi Kinoshita, President

This year is the beginning of the zodiac, that is, the year of rat and therefore being auspicious. Last year, the Imperial Celebrations were held, and all the events relating to change of era  completed, and the new era began.

Our institute celebrated 15th anniversary of foundation last year and will review the support system and begin preparations for organizing a new system appropriate for the new era. I would like to ask for guidance and support of related organizations of industry, government, and academia, and others.

 Now, it is said that the business sentiment among SMEs in the prefecture shows a downtrend, and there are difficult issues such as aging, lack of human resources, etc. The changing situation always asks us how to improve our way of support and implement better support activities. In addition, a large typhoon hit last year and Kanazawa Coastal Industrial Area in Yokohama City was badly damaged and has not yet fully recovered.

Last year, the performance of three departments receiving revenue was good, and the others   also performed enough to meet certification requirements. In recruitment of individual member, there were some enrollees this year as well, and it somewhat eased the aging issue. It is expected to widen the area of our activity. However, the number of existing members (19 corporate and 32 individual) is not enough to improve and deepen our activities, and participation by OB of major companies and volunteers from governments / universities is desired.

Print "Asian skunk cabbage" created by Mr. Kato
Print “Asian skunk cabbage” created by Mr. Kato

Regarding the activity results, there were new orders for HP, management consulting, operational guidance, technical management support, international business support such as translating, interpreting etc. Also services for the general public, such as holding information security seminars and holding “Anything Consultation Room” on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Yokosuka Citizen’ Activities Support Center, are steadily implemented.

As a certified NPO, senior group of being vital and active will respond to the needs of the local community while acting, growing and seeking with steady efforts. At the same time, we would like to enhance the internal activity under the name of Cluster Club, such as playing Go and Shogi, singing, golfing, bowling and drinking. Your support and encouragement to be extended to us much more than before will be highly appreciated.

The waka (Japanese poetry) composed on the first Rat day in January was:

Only a day to hear a bush warbler singing on pine tree should be called the day of “Hatsune”.  Kunai  [Shuui Waka Collection]

A bush warbler on the Japanese white pine tree
A bush warbler on the Japanese white pine tree

[When Kunai, serving the empress dowager Onshi Fujiwara, was still a little girl, on  the first Rat day in the New Year celebrating longevity by rooting small pine tree, this waka was composed. It was while a bush warbler stopped on the Japanese white pine tree and sang in front of the Emperor Daigo .  

The kanji (Chinese characters) for both words of “pine” and “wait” are pronounced same  in the Japanese, that is, “matsu” indicating that people are waiting for a bush warbler to begin singing.

The kanji for both sound of the first singing of a bush warbler and the first Rat day in January are pronounced same in Japanese reading, that is, “Hatsune”. Seishonagon said that bush warblers do not sing at the Kokonoe (Imperial Palace), but it is denied by this poetry. What was the intention of Seishonagon ? 
In addition this Waka is also referenced in “The Tale of Genji”. ]

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